Which Treadmill Is The Best?

I’ve Never Used A Treadmill Before. Why Should I Consider One?

If you’ve never used a treadmill before you may not know much about them. They seem very popular. Why?

There’s a number of reasons. Treadmill exercise routines can be performed in the comfort of your own home. The treadmill gives you a wide range of exercise options under your own roof. If it’s snowing outside it doesn’t matter. Or if it’s 100 degrees. It can all be done in the comfort of home. Exercises for the treadmill don’t depend on the weather. If you are looking for some of the top treadmills, then checkout best treadmills in India here.

You don’t need to look great. If you’re a little self conscious about your body then you aren’t going to be seen. No’one need even know that you’re on a workout program. It’s your secret. You don’t need expensive clothes to look the part. And if you suddenly decide you can’t go on then there’s no long walk back home, you can just jump off and into the shower. You can also find some great treadmills here.

Which treadmill is the best for you is of course important but all treadmills offer these advantages. They are versatile. You can walk or run. You can set your preferences for your workout. Do you want a heart stopping run up a fierce incline or just a leisurely walk for a half hour. You can do one on the first day and the other on the next day if you feel like you’ve overtaxed yourself.

You can choose to vary the intensity of your program during the workout. You could have a run that is preprogrammed to offer, for example, a range of inclines.

If you know anyone who has a treadmill then ask them for an opinion on treadmills, or even for an opinion on manual treadmills if you are looking at a simple low cost entry treadmill. Chances are that they will identify one major benefit associated with treadmills. Versatility. They offer all sorts of benefits not offered by other types of fitness equipment. That’s why they are the nations number one home fitness device.

What About Treadmill Motors?

Unless you are buying a manual treadmill, or a treadmill with no motor, then you have to consider the motor in the treadmill you are buying. As with everything to do with treadmills, you get what you pay for. The more expensive the treadmill, the better will be the treadmill motor you get.

There are a few factors in treadmill motors worth considering though.

A treadmill motor will be rated in horsepower. Generally speaking it is worth making sure that the motor is rated at 1.5 horsepower minimum. 2 hp is better. Unfortunately not all horsepower is equal and some manufacturers measure their horsepwoer a little differently, so it can be a little difficult making a direct comparison, however it is a pretty good general rule.

If you plan to run rather than walk on the treadmill then go for a higher horsepower motor. The same applies if you are significantly over average weight.

And when looking for the best treadmill motors make sure that you know the duty cycle of the motor. Sometimes manufacturers will measure their motors giving a “peak performance” horsepower rating. This is just the maximum power that the motor will produce, probably being it’s maximum it will fail if run at this load for any extended period of time. It does not mean that the motor will run at this load over an extended period of time.

Find out the “continuous duty” horsepower rating of the motor. This tells you what horsepower the motor should put out under continuous load. The treadmill should be able to maintain a continuous motor speed for quite some time under continuous duty.

You may also find that there are AC and DC motors. Generally home treadmills use DC motors and these provide a more smooth application of power to the belt when commencing to run. They should also be more reliable as they have less internal parts.

A larger motor is always better than a smaller one. Even if you don’t push the motor it is always better to have a larger motor as it will run easier, cooler and more smoothly than a smaller one, and probably require less maintenance over time. Unfortunately a larger motor is always more expensive than a smaller one.

The best treadmill motors will also, of course, have the best warranties as well. A very short warranty usually indicates a poorer motor. But see what else is available in that price range. There may be nothing better.

The new Smooth 7.1 HR Pro treadmill

Smooth is well known for producing great treadmills, including the new 7.1 HR Pro. The 7.1 was a brilliant treadmill, featuring prominently amongst treadmill reviewers as one of the best. The new Smooth 71. HR Pro is the next version of the 7.1 and, we expect, will itself also be featured as one of the worlds best treadmills. If you are after a high quality treadmill in $1500 to $2500 price range, then you must look at the new Smooth 7.1 HR Pro before you buy.

One of the first things that should be mentioned is that the 7.1 HR Pro is a folding treadmill. That isn’t a new feature but is still worth remembering. Treadmills are big bulky machines and not everyone has the space for a treadmill without sacrificing something else. And Smooth make sure that their folding mechanisms work, well, smoothly, and well. A folding treadmill is a must for many people.

No need to struggle to fold it up. Even women of the petite variety can do it because the treadmill does it itself with a press of a button.

And the shock absorbing deck on the new Smooth 7.1 HR Pro allows you to exercise with less stress to your ankles, knees and legs. This reduces the risk of impact stress and injury as well as making it a more comfortable workout.

Monitor your heartrate without fuss with a new heartrate monitor strap on your chest. Keep an eye on your heartrate hands free.

Solid construction. Noone wants a treadmill that is light and fragile, and shakes rattles and rolls as you walk. No sir. Smooth take their time to make a solid heavy treadmill that makes you feel you are walking on a well built impressive machine, which is what the new Smooth 7.1 HR Pro is. But as we’ve noted, with inbuilt shock absorption too.

And Smooth have improved the LED console too, with large easy to see and reach buttons and displays for everyone to use. A great range of preset programs that should suit all users and the ability to store up to 9 user profiles.

There’s lots more and you should visit the Smooth website to have a look, but there’s one more thing we should mention. The lifetime frame and motor warranty, (see the website for details) Now that gives you the confidence that the new Smooth 7.1 HR Pro is a great treadmill.

And at the time of writing the new Smooth 7.1 HR Pro is ON SPECIAL, what more could you want. It may not be when you get there but if it is then grab it, you can’t do better for the price.

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